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About Us

Kulta-Properties is one of the Kenyan leading property search engine and a friend to all buying and selling properties from all regions in the country.

At Kulta-Properties Searching a property has been made so easy with the possibilities of searching with exact geo location. Great images and videos for actualization before you buy.

At Kulta-Properties, everything we do is aimed at providing an effective platform for users looking to buy, sell, rent or let quality properties from all the regions. We strive to give people a deeper understanding of what property and neighbourhood is really like. We're committed to helping them discover a place where they will love to live, operate from and where they will feel more connected to the community around them.


Create diverse and modern real estate services launched for the first time in the real estate market

Contribute to the local and international real estate developments and growth

Participate in meeting the requirements of a modern renaissance in line with kenyas vision 2030 and the affordable housing pillar

Build a strong relationship with the company's customers based on mutual trust

Expand the company's investments in all areas of the global real estate market


"Achieve leadership and excellence and keep up with the continuous development of investment in the real estate sector accomplishing the highest growth rates and responding to the requirements and needs of the community."


"Offer the best specialized real estate services in line with the latest standards at competitive prices , contribute to the renaissance of world real estate market and support the global economy."